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from haiku

Nestled mouths agape, Robin's tender beak descends, Life blooms, spring's embrace.

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from anewpairofeyes

“The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters.”

-Gramsci (via Zizek)

Here I post, from the Deoxyribonucleic Hypderdimension, speaking into the void as a transmission for any other kindred spirits seeking to cultivate an oasis of lucidity and clarity as shelter from the relentless and tedious onslaught of manipulations in our every day post modern cyber-dystopian bump and grind.

As they say on GI Joe, “Knowing is half the battle.”

I am not here to dictate what the truth of the matter is, so much as to encourage a social attitude that now more than ever we can and we must move in the direction of it if we are to stay afloat as a species. We are on a journey of inquiry together that if taken in good faith to a sufficient depth will arrive at a point of deeper shared understanding.

Its beyond debate that the systems upon which we depend currently are insufficient and unsustainable. I'd go farther to say they are also largely unsatisfying. Especially with the played out tribal hostilities in the mainstream social media giants whose vigorous agitation have given us the ascension of our current reigning Techno-Feudal overlords.

What comes next cannot be known, only that the current order is fading and, if we can avoid boiling the atmosphere or bombing one another to death in a mutually assured annihilation in the mean time, will give rise to something that breaks with all prior human experience and expectation up to this point

We all have a role to play in bridging the gap from where we are with the systems we have in place to where we need to be and the systems we must have to survive, let alone thrive.

I am here to add my candle to the light of reason that we may shine brighter together and as i can not say what shall emerge from the ashes of the current order I can not exactly say what it is that shall become the theme or purpose of this blog. But this will at least set the tone for my concerns and the context for posterity to have reference to the historical conditions in which i am writing.

I look forward to exploring the Fediverse and await the influx of more and more discontents from the proprietary walled gardens of mad men. And cultivating a diversity of insightful and talented conspirators whose direction on their respective paths has come parallels with my own in this time that we may walk together beside one another.

Until further notice I consider the Fediverse to be a front of resistance so consider this where I am pitching my tent and firing up my beacon.


from haiku

morning dawn - locked back door my dog waits

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from hyper notes

The Fediverse land grab is happening and we have to stop it. We have to fight it tooth and nail if we want to prevent the dark side of social media from rearing its ugly head again. – Weathered

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from hyper notes

Democracy has always been a sham.

“The report finds the U.S. to be less free than 59 other countries, on par with Panama and Romania, and far behind fellow G7 democracies like Canada or Japan.” – via Axios

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from hyper notes

Elon Musk is an asshole. Plain and simple.

Mr Thorleifsson is worried that Mr Musk will not honour the contract he signed with Twitter when he sold them his company.

“This is extremely stressful. This is my retirement fund, a way to take care of myself and my family as my disease progresses. Having the richest man in the world on the other end of this, potentially refusing to stand by contracts is not easy for me to accept,” he said. – via BBC

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from notdimitri

The NEW Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension. We are not affiliated with the old site but are inspired by it.

This instance is open for registration; anyone can use this as a safe space to write about counter-culture, art, and whatever else is in their fancy. Yes, you can do some #nsfw stuff too, but to a degree.

There are some rules. Generally, don't do anything illegal or be an ass. Be excellent to each other is a good rule of thumb.

Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension King Tut

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